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As time permits, I'll address frequently asked questions (FAQs) here.

  • Are you obsessed with polar bears?
    • No. I just like polar bears. I can quit any time I choose.
  • What is your favorite color?
    • I really like plaid.
  • How many years were you really in college?
    • Fourteen. For more information, see the "about me" page.
  • You sometimes refer to your "first wife." How many times have you been married?
    • One. My current spouse is my first wife.
  • In class you mention being in prison. Were you really in prison?
    • Yes.
  • How many times were you in prison?
    • Three, not counting all the times I was in jail.
  • What were you in prison for?
    • I was meeting with clients. Remember I was once an attorney. I never said I was incarcerated; I only said I was in prison!

This page was last updated 12/25/03