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About Me

Here you can learn a little about me.

Here' a little information about my educational background.

It all started at North Arkansas College. Back then I had no real intention of getting a college degree. I was just bored. I took business, psychology, chemistry, biology physics, literature . . . whatever looked like fun. After a couple years, my advisor (Pat) told me I needed a degree plan. I received an AA and AS in the early 80's.

Then it was off to complete a BA in psychology at Hendrix College.  When I got to Hendrix, I had so many courses in so many different areas, they were not sure what to do with me. One professor (Chris, now retired) asked why I took such diverse courses. I told him I was taking courses that interested me. He responded, "So, you didn't go to college to get a degree, you went to get an education! How novel!"

Not too sure what I wanted to do when I grew up (and still unsure, by the way), my next stop was the University of Arkansas, School of Law and a JD (a juris doctor a law degree).

After practicing law for a few years, and thinking hard about becoming a college professor, I attended Oklahoma City University for an MBA, and then a semester at The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

Then it was off to The University of Texas at Arlington for a PhD in business administration.

And after fourteen years in college (not counting the years I took off) that's the end of my formal education . . . . for now. 

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